Ultimate Hangman App Reviews

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Good words - funny hangman

The words are challenging but reasonable - the animated hangman is quite funny. Its well worth the 99 cents. The only part that confused me was the "game" seemed to go on through many different words with no way to know how many were left. Fun and funny nonetheless.

Pretty Cute Game

Not a bad way to pass some time. And cheap! If you like watching Wheel of Fortune and guessing what the words are, then this is for you. Its hangman. Not much more you can say. Good graphics, good sound, lots of words.

Very good

This is fun and educational for kids. The alternative themes are a bit more child (or parent) friendly! One request: would it be possible to use the dictionary even when the word has been guessed correctly? This would be good for non-native kids who are learning English. Keep up the good work!


This is a great hangman. The kids love it, the animations are funny. The best thing about it (that the authors dont mention) is that you can make your own word lists for your kids. My children are just reading White Fang (Green Apple version) and so I have made a list of some of the words that have come up. It works great!! Thanks for this, I bought the iphone version too to show support ( 1 dollar is crazy cheap !!)


Very impresive game... I love it, funny and very nice animations! Thank you so much!

Very nice!

Great game, thank you!

Very funny ...

very funny but, you guys forgot the accent in spanish words!


This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Great game, Great humor and great music!


This app runs slow on my mac. The Free version runs nice and smooth.



Not what I had hoped.

I just got the full app after using the free one for a week or so and was disappointed that all the extra catagories were only the same words, just in different languages. Also, theses no category for sentences or sayings (multiple words). Had I known that, I wouldnt have paid for the full version. The free app had everything that I am using now in the full one, so I basically paid to use the free one...great! Guess the jokes on me!

Great!!! But!!!!!

Its great that I can use to edit my own words for teaching vocabulary in school, however, I couldnt add the words myself!!!! Am I doing something wrong?

Its okay, but...

Its the typical hangman game made famous by Wheel of Fortune (okay, it was famous before that). The graphics are alright. But the sound effects are horrible. Theyre just weird and annoying. And when you guess the word correctly, the sound it makes sounds more like something you would expect to hear if you LOST, not if you WON. Its disharmonious and doesnt imply "victory" or "success" in any way. In fact, its a little like fingernails on a chalkboard. They need to work on the sounds. And heres another critique: there arent enough different words. I like to play the Sports category, but it hasnt taken me long before some of the same words keep coming up again and again. Theyve recently come with a slew of additional words -- in foreign languages! Why do they think I would want that? Why include foreign language words in the English version of the game? Not all that useful. All in all, the game is cute, and whats not to like about hangman? But with the weird sounds and the lack of words (in English), I really cant go much beyond a 3 in rating this game…and thats being pretty generous. The good news is, it isnt very expensive. It wouldnt be worth any more.

Lots of fun and cheap!!

I love the basic game of hangman. This enhances the experience..The only 3 minor things Id like to see are enhanced graphics since I play it on my 27" iMac full screen the lines are a bit jagged. Diffrent animations for the man getting hung and would like to see more categories not just the same ones in a diffrent language! But really nice for the price!

Interesting what

1GB of RAM after 10 min of playing! Are you kidding me!?

Very cute!

I had the free version first, and then the ultimate version was made free (Thanks, developers!) I was impressed with the free version, and didnt check out the ultimate one until tonight. Not only is there a great sense of humor displayed (which I LOVE), but the game works without a hitch, and indeed, there are some cool options with the Ultimate version, including a snowman theme! Id recommend this to anyone who would like to play either solo, or with a partner. Thanks, developers for this neat game!

2 Things

1: They need to change the music and sound effects. They dont fit AT ALL. 2: They dont allow you to look up the definition if you guess the word correctly. There are many words I guess right, but I dont know what they mean!

Graphics mostly GREAT, but...

Very nice job, but there should be a way to change the teeny tiny badly designed, poorly colored fonts.

the one

i think its a really cool app i mean you can play multi player and its just fun totally worth buying the new version

Nice take on hangman….

…..but could use a little more imagination when it comes to the words. LAME, theres one for you.

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